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It Took Me 3 YEARS to Find a Waltz!

You wouldn't believe how difficult it can be to find a waltz. OK, maybe I'm a little picky.

As a line dance choreographer, I am looking for fairly new music with a tempo suitable for line dancing. This narrows things down to an excruciatingly tiny number of songs, as contemporary music is almost exclusively in 4/4 time.

I also prefer the song to not be terribly country or something that sounds like a lady in a hoop skirt should be floating around the ballroom. (Yeah, OK, so I'm really picky.) But believe it or not, I have actually found a couple, usually like one per year. But my final criteria is that someone hasn't already gotten there first. The two previous times I have found a contemporary waltz that I liked, it turned out someone rather notable in the line dance community had already discovered and choreographed a dance to it. Aaargh!

So, imagine my surprise when a mind-numbing scroll down the social media vortex struck gold. You know how it goes. Look for a sec, scroll down, look, scroll, look, scroll. Aaaawwww! Look at that cute baby turtle munching on some greenery. And isn't that a cute little song playing in the background. Wait!...Wha? That's a WALTZ! Yesssss!

The song is called "Bubble of My Gum" by Durry and not only did I fall in love with the track, but my research confirmed that no other choreographers had used it! Woo Hoo! I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, so to speak. The result: "BUBBLEGUM WALTZ" is my Improver level line dance creation, and everyone seems to really be enjoying it. Success!

I probably ought to start looking for another one, though. It's likely to take a while.

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