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3 Best Books on Movement and Aging: Liz's Picks

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

#1 DYNAMIC AGING by Katy Bowman

I love this book. I love this author. Of the dozens of books I own on the topic (including five by Katy Bowman), I would recommend this one first. Katy Bowman is a biomechanist and all-around movement, alignment, and healthy aging geek (see why I adore her?) DYNAMIC AGING is written in tandem with four of her senior students whose lifestyles have significantly changed for the better using these simple principles and exercises for whole-body mobility.

242 pages filled with moves you can do at home without any special equipment.

#2 OUTLIVE by Peter Attia

Dr. Attia takes a science-based approach to aging well, right up to the end, avoiding the slow, life-zapping decline. He explains "why exercise is the most potent pro-longevity 'drug' - and how to begin training for [your] Centenarian Decathlon". Some of his scientific details are a little too, well, detailed in spots. But I love his overall concept of deciding what activities are most important for you to maintain into your 90's, and starting to train for them NOW. Brilliant!

411 pages of research-based methodology that rethinks current practices in medicine.


A fascinating book by a NASA life scientist that arose from her work with astronauts dealing with Gravity Deprivation Syndrome. It turns out we get the exact same symptoms and diseases here on Earth, just from being too sedentary. If you don't want to be told you need to buck up and get the gym more often, you're in luck. Vigorous exercise for one burst of a day then sitting the rest of the day actually does you no favors. Being upright and moving around throughout the day is what really works...Gravity is the key!

121 pages of how to use gravity to prevent pain, illness and early death.

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1 Comment

Ellie Franges
Ellie Franges
Jul 08, 2023

Thanks Liz for the great recommendations on the books -I bought Sitting Kills and Dynamic Aging -Started with Sitting Kills ( a short and easy read) . Just by implementing 3 simple moves in my daily routines I noticed a huge improvement in my chronic hip pain ! (almost gone) . This in addition to your awesome Balance , Agility and Strength program means a happy active retirement for me !


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